Scope of Work

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Plant & Soil Nutrition, Hydroponics Fertilizer, Soilless Media, Fertilizer Solutions, Water Quality, Sowing & Nursery, Chemical Tes Kits, Pesticide in Soil, Plants Fertilizer Biological Control, Aquatic Plant, Solid Fertilizer Analysis, Irrigation System (out/ in dour), Project Feasibility Study of Hydroponics, Greenhouse Construction, Consultancy To Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Turn Key Project.

Consultancy Service :
Proposal Evaluations Planning Pricing & Budgeting,
Cash Flow Projections,
Business Plans,
Technical Support for Financing,
Feasibility Studies,
Marketing Studies,
Site Inspections Price Quotations &
Bids Design of Hydroponic Systems,
Assist in Supervision of Greenhouse Construction,
Supervision of Installation of Hydroponic Systems,
Crop Scheduling Crop Nutrition,
Formulations Varietal Trials,
Plant Training Techniques,
Training of Personnel & Supervision of
Staff Supervision of Greenhouse &
Hydroponic Operations Budgeting of
Operations & Expansion Plans.

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2 Responses to Scope of Work

  1. Glenn Yuile says:

    kerja bpk sangat baik

  2. Glenn Yuile says:

    saya mau tanya dimana saya bisa ikut kcourse hidroponik ?

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