Integrated Environmental Control In Greenhouse

The best climate for your crop
To get your crops growing properly and with optimum efficiency, you need to have accurate control of your greenhouse climate. Light, temperature, air humidity and CO2 concentration need to be effectively adjusted to one another, and preferably as accurately as possible. You also want to be able to control the influence of the wind, rain and sunshine on the internal climate.

Creating a climate
The more accurately you can control the internal climate in your greenhouse, the more beneficial this is for your crops. This gives you influence over both the growth of your crops, and the prevention of diseases and crop damage by parasites. This equipment a range of systems and devices for monitoring and controlling the greenhouse climate: from traditional measuring boxes to highly sensitive sensors and from air treatment to advanced controls. All of these assist you in creating the ideal internal climate, from A to Z.

Fully verified
The way in which heat is produced and used, together with the way in which heat and cool air is stored, can be set using equipment controls according to the needs of your company. The fully automated link also allows dosing, decontamination and management of the water supply, both in the greenhouse and the tanks. Your water management system – whether drip irrigation, ebb and flood system or overhead irrigation – can be controlled with ease using climate solutions.

From greenhouse to working area to office
When processing products in the working area, you can take advantage of the central link to different controls, both in terms of work and productivity. This simplifies the process of analysing and interpreting data that you have collated in the greenhouse during the growing and harvest period. Whatever your specific starting conditions, Priva can help you to create the ideal climate for your crop.
Do you want to link multiple information sources to give you better control? As you might expect, the climate management system can be expanded to incorporate other automated Priva systems such as water management, process management, cultivation and harvest recording and analysis, labour recording and analysis and management information.


Greenhouse Environmental Control Systems
Advances in computer technology have made owning and operating greenhouses easier than ever before. Solar Innovations®’ environmental control options can aid the home gardener or professional horticulturist by automatically adjusting temperature, humidity, and light intensity from within the greenhouse or from a remote location. An environmental control system will improve plant life within greenhouses by providing a constantly monitored atmosphere, producing a more uniform product.
Environmental Control Systems:
• Adjust Temperature
• Adjust Humidity
• Control Light Intensity
• Monitor Atmosphere
Greenhouse environmental control systems can be automated according to the gardener’s specifications. Greenhouse accessories, including fans, vents, misting and fogging systems, and heating or cooling systems, are automated in stages corresponding to the gardener’s selection and plants’ needs.

Greenhouse Accessories Controlled by Environmental Control Systems:
• Fans
• Vents
• Misting Systems
• Fogging Systems
• Heating Systems
• Cooling Systems

The first stage of implementation can be as simple as an on/off switch to control circulation fans. By semi-automating a control system with a humidistat, a thermostat, or a timing device, the accessories will run only when necessary, lowering operating costs and saving energy. Fully automated systems have the option of being controlled by a semaphore or remote programming system on a PC or even through a cell phone, saving a substantial amount of time. These fully automated systems can be designed to maintain a specific set of criteria for constant plant comfort, taking into account the conditions outside the structure that may affect the plants’ growing atmosphere.

In addition to common greenhouse accessories, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s environmental control systems can be designed to accommodate advanced features like evaporation coolers and foggers, drip systems, semaphores, remote programming, photo and light sensors, and soil sensors. The horticulturists’ time can now be spent tending to plants rather than tinkering with their growing environment. Beyond the cost and time efficiency of the greenhouse control system, Mother Nature will benefit. Control systems reduce the need for chemicals to aid plant growth, as the environment is more closely adjusted to create the ideal conditions and reduce energy costs and waste.

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