The Future of Agriculture in Indonesia

I believe since 20 years ago that hydroponic & greenhouse technology is one of the answers to provide solutions to the constraints faced by vegetable agriculture in Indonesia.

There are many obstacles faced by farmers in the field, to maintain the vegetables production remains high and stable, whether it is damage caused by rain water and the plague.

Elsewhere, rainy season is highly anticipated by most farmers especially in rainfed field.

Edi said, in the future, the role of hydroponic farmers in Indonesia would be better with the construction of modern Greenhouse agriculture & Hydroponics technology.

Edi  is a commercial hydroponic grower, well experienced in Indonesia, and overseas.

This Greenhouse is the first time built in Indonesia with full automatic control of temperature regulation, humidity and irrigation system. The first stage we plant cherry tomatoes and for the next greenhouse we will planting lettuce, seed from Rijk Zwaan and growing media rockwool from Grodan.

Edi in cooperation  will continue to build the expansion of modern greenhouses in Indonesia, with hydroponics technology, as a commercial farm but also as a place to train the generation of modern agriculture in Indonesia.

Hydroponics, the future “any plant, anywhere and anytime”

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