Scope of Work

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Plant & Soil Nutrition, Hydroponics Fertilizer, Soilless Media, Fertilizer Solutions, Water Quality, Sowing & Nursery, Chemical Tes Kits, Pesticide in Soil, Plants Fertilizer Biological Control, Aquatic Plant, Solid Fertilizer Analysis, Irrigation System (out/ in dour), Project Feasibility Study of Hydroponics, Greenhouse Construction, Vertical Farming, Indoor Growing, Consultancy To Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Turn Key Project.

Consultancy Service :
Proposal Evaluations Planning Pricing & Budgeting,
Cash Flow Projections,
Business Plans,
Technical Support for Financing,
Feasibility Studies,
Marketing Studies,
Site Inspections Price Quotations &
Bids Design of Hydroponic Systems,
Assist in Supervision of Greenhouse Construction,
Supervision of Installation of Hydroponic Systems, Vertical Indoor Farming, Vertical Farming Indonesia

Crop Scheduling Crop Nutrition,
Formulations Varietal Trials,
Plant Training Techniques,
Training of Personnel & Supervision of
Staff Supervision of Greenhouse &
Hydroponic Operations Budgeting of
Operations & Expansion Plans.

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2 Responses to Scope of Work

  1. Glenn Yuile says:

    kerja bpk sangat baik

  2. Glenn Yuile says:

    saya mau tanya dimana saya bisa ikut kcourse hidroponik ?

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