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Asymmetric Model: This asymmetric greenhouse is designed to be adaptable to every kind of crop. It is specially developped for TROPICAL regions. It can be covered with plastic foil and mesh metal. The crossing of the arcs provides an efficient ventilation.

The structure of a greenhouse is one of the key factors in protected and intensive cultivation, where the primary objective is to obtain the maximum yield from production. The greenhouse not only houses the crop, but also provides all the technical requirements to achieve this objective.

Multispan Greenhouse (Multi Spain)

The  Multispan greenhouse is designed to achieve more inside space. The structure and the slope of the arches make a better use of sunlight and helps reducing the risk of dropping onto the crop, due to a better drainage into the gutter .The structure design makes the most of the inside space available in the greenhouse.

Their advantages are the following ones:

  • Highly robust structure for heavy cultivations, such as tomatoes or other vegetables. hortalizas.
  • Great facility to change the covering film.
  • Ventilation system that permits to control the air renewals in any exterior circumstance.
  • Structure with all the elements in contact with the ground; galvanized in hot for a greater resistance; prepared to provide a total hermetic, aspect of great importance in the fight against the plagues.

Tunnel Greenhouse

The Tunnel Greenhouse  range offers a high quality greenhouse made of galvanised steel and designed to optimise the terrain. Economy and profitability in the application, combined with the resistance and strength of the product.
The alternatives in coverings, ventilations and frontal solutions facilitate their use in different applications: livestock, mushroom cultivation, dryers, roofs, horticulture, floriculture, etc

Specifications  Tunnel Greenhouse & Multi Span Greenhouse:

  • Structure: Hot galvanized steel pipe,  anti-rust for 15 to20 years!  Or Steel with anti rust
  • Covering material: 3-ply (PE+EVA Material) Plastic Film, 150/200 micron thickness for your choice., Anti-UV, anti-dew, temperature range -40 C to +60 C.
  • Connect: All connects kits offered. No welding required.
  • Ventilation: Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.
  • Characters: Easy Frame! Easy Assembly & Move! Economical! Good for vegetable, tree, mushroom and poultry.
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